Saturday, August 7, 2010


Do you Like to Know Mr. Faruque Ahmed’s Speech regarding (Communism + Capitalism =) Commutalism?

Last Friday night, union leader Faruque Ahmed was talking to a crowd. Three professors, politicians and many people present were very attentive to him. He continued;

No one has to obsessed with “socialism”, “communism”, … ! You see Capitalism has failed us many many times in many many places. Please get ready to add a new word in the English Dictionary. The word is “Commutalism”. It got nothing to do with commuting!

Look at China. They got a communist government and capitalist economy. They are feeding more than 1 billion people and doing well. Therefore, Communism + Capitalism = Commutalism may be the way of future.

You see, some Australian hate merchants told us earlier, “a wealthy China will buy all of our food and fish stocks, as a result we will be hungry, we will have to fight with the Chinese to survive, …. ”. In reality, China is producing more food and they are not taking away anybody’s food. Even China surprised us all by producing more fish in the land!

Now, poor American people are victims of the Medical Insurance Mafia! Even the needy one is trying to throw away this safety net and insulting Mr. Obama because he is trying to provide a health care safety net for all Americans! And this program got no relationship with communism or socialism!!

Poor Americans! They have got military bases in more 140 countries! Who are their enemies? Why can’t they stop spending billions for war and hate? Why can’t they make friends and export democracy and free speech without guns and bullets?

Yet, one disgruntled person made some foolish noise during his speech before vanishing with the wind.

Do you Like to Know Mr. Faruque Ahmed’s Speech regarding (Communism + Capitalism =) Commutalism?

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21 Century Art said...

A Prophetic SurReal(ism) is Seahawk's COMMU(nistic-capi)TALISM using Mao and Lin Biao as a metaphor to depict Chinese government's pretension to
economically, politically & military conquer Free World?