Friday, January 15, 2010

Faruque Ahmed Letter to DOT re Bailor’s Identity and Insurance Details

Faruque Ahmed


Taxi Drivers Section of the T W U

6/12 Woodbury Street, Marrickville - 22O4

Phone - (O2) 9564 1079, Fax - (O2) 9559 60g0

Mobile - 0418 221 551

24 December 1997

Mr. John Mcloughlin

Executive Director

New South Wales Department of Transport

Level 20,227 Elizabeth Street

Sydney - 2OOO

Fax - (02) 9268 2900

Dear Mr. Mcloughlin

Further to my letter of 28.o2.94 and 6.12.94 I would like to inform you that your departmental Rules, Regulations and requirements do not compel bailors to display and provide their;

1. Full Name,

2. Copy of the Current DoT Accreditation,

3. Address and

4. A copy of Insurance details to bailees.

Absence of such information is facilitating lawlessness, tax evasion, possibly money laundering scheme in the taxi industry and most importantly the DoT and DIR Regulations are not serving their purpose at all. Also the OH&S Acts and workcover related Acts and Regulations are suffering a blow due to absence of such information.

Please note, the bailors always receive all of the information from bailees they engage or intend to engage but there are not enough good reasons available to justify them not to provide details of bailors or potential bailors to the same bailees,

I am confident your department will be in favor of enforcing the law rather than facilitating lawlessness and therefore I would like to request you again to remove the anomaly of the taxi industry by compelling bailors to provide their details to bailees as requested.

With thanks

Faruque Ahmed