Saturday, November 7, 2009

World Politics to Gas Chamber

World Politics to Gas Chamber

British politics is based on Divide and Rule.
Machiavellian politics is based on Back Stabbing.
American politics is based on Nuclear Bomb and Humvy.
Chinese politics is based on Commutalism (Capitalism + Communism).
India politics is based on English and Democracy.
Israeli politics is based on is based on Manipulation and Deception.
Palestinian politics is based on Anger and Frustration.
Australian politics is based on Child Killing (for mistress or money).

Faruque Ahmed
Sydney Taxi Corruption
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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Those people who murder other people's free speech, industrial rights, civil rights and human rights are eligible for gas chamber.

Further to the Hypothesis of Faruque Ahmed above, those Israelis and their supporters who claim to be victims and/or descendants of holocaust survivors, as well as collecting compensation and sympathy for that old holocaust while they themselves are conducting and are recreating that whole holocaust scenario via the slow motion and painful modern day re-enactment in the occupied Palestine, must surely volunteer themselves to the nearest gas chamber for their unpardonable behavior.

Further to Thesis of Faruque Ahmed those Israelis and their supporters who believe in Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews and Pre-Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews as well as disgusting policies and practices of Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion and Jews are condemned people of God; Israelis and their supporters must volunteer themselves to the nearest gas chamber.
They are pest and vermin of this universe and they were evicted from 2800 places from more than 2800 times! They say Shakespeare and Dickens are anti-Semites. They do so by knowing full well that the Arab Muslims, Christians and Jews are Semites and all of those European mongrels rushing in to Israel are NOT Semites! Muslims and Arabs used to provide protection to Jews and now they are insulting, abusing, attacking and murdering Muslims and Arabs by exposing and maintaining Jewish tradition and culture.

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