Monday, March 19, 2007

Gas Chamber – Is it Long Overdue?

Gas Chamber – Is it Long Overdue?

Jews share blame for suffering: Churchill are similar to Samuel Roth, Edmonson, Karl Marx and many Jewish writers and thinkers below this link!

Gas Chamber – Is it Long Overdue?

It was Sunday night, 11 March 2007. At about 11.30 pm I was walking across a well-known Sydney street wearing my seven years old T-shirt. This black T-shirt’s front half has the Palestinian flag as a background for some large text. The first line says, “Free Palestine”. The next line is “Israeli Troops Out Now”. Finally, there is “No Aust/US support for Israel”. “” is written at the bottom as a reference.

This T-shirt made some one very angry! He yelled at me, “do you like to drive the Jews into the sea”? I looked at him. He appeared to be in his late 20s. I guessed that he could be one of the many loaded Australian/Israeli nationals, and that he may even have served (or is serving) in the Israeli Army. These types of people believe that they know it all, that they are right and that everyone else is after them. I responded, “excuse me”! He said again, “I know what you want – you want to drive the Jews into the sea”.

In a startled state, I replied, “did I say that”?

He responded, “I know what you mean”.

I responded, “please stop your assumptions and presumptions and let’s talk about facts”.

He replied, “I know the facts and the history more than you do”.

I said, “I would love to hear them”.

He then went silent, and obviously I continued, “do you want to listen to me instead? The fact is that 78% of the original Palestine has already been given to Israel, and only 22% remains for the supposed Palestine. Why don’t you at least get out of that part of Palestine and have a nice day?”

He yelled back at me in a very angry tone, “why do you care? You don’t even live there, are you a Muslim?”

I responded, “what does religion have to do with this issue”?

Again, he went into another uneasy silence, with lots of fire in his eyes!

I asked him, “do you know Hitler?”

He exploded with anger, “what does Hitler have to do with this”?

I continued, “when Hitler was doing wrong things many did not speak up, but here I am standing up for humanity. Besides, what you are doing to the Palestinians is worse than what Hitler did to your people.”

He angrily roared back, “I don’t want to talk about it anymore”.

Naturally I said, “you started this debate, and now that you find yourself lacking defence and losing, you conveniently want to pull up stumps and go home! Isn’t that strange?

I looked at him directly. He had a killer instinct on his face. The only thing stopping him from violence had to be 100s of witnesses around us and the close circuit camera of the nearby bottle shop. Throughout this exchange, I sensed that many of these people were silently listening to us and watching us.

As I continued my walk, I thought to my self, “it is these type of people who are aiding/abetting the murder of Arab kids in kindergartens, schoolyards, backyards and bedrooms without any remorse whatsoever! At the same time, the same lot of people are going around the world and telling Europeans, Americans and Australians to stop Arab and Muslim migration. Maybe because of their existence, the gas chamber is long overdue.

Israeli Holocaust In Palestine

Dear Sir/Madam

Would you be kind enough to point out any inconsistencies in this

With thanks.

Faruque Ahmed
Friday, 16 March 2007

Zionists are worse than Nazis but all Jews are not Zionists

Zionists are worse than Nazis but all Jews are not Zionists. Faruque Ahmed’s Declaration, British Jewish Declaration, Australian Jewish Declaration, European Jewish Declaration and the hidden truth and reality condemn modern day Nazis under the guise of Zionism except the U(z)SA and UK.

With thanks.

Faruque Ahmed
Saturday, 17 March 2007

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